SEPTEMBER 19TH - 25TH 2021

SUNDAY:   10.00am.  12.30pm (Polish Mass) 6.00pm
MONDAY:   12 noon Mass
TUESDAY:   12 noon Mass
WEDNESDAY:   12 noon Requiem Mass for Austin Cook
THURSDAY:   12 noon Mass
FRIDAY:   12 noon Mass
SATURDAY:   12 noon Mass


From now on we will be using Twitter to provide online Masses. Either download the Twitter App and search for @PhilipSumner13 or click the pic below


Then either just watch from there. You can also click Follow if you have a Twitter account.

Weekday Masses and Saturday's 12 noon Mass will continue to be Livestreamed, as will Sunday's 10.00am Mass

Click here for Mass Livestream

The church will be open on Mondays to Saturdays for
12 noon Mass and remain open for personal prayer and reflection until 1.00pm. Apart from these times
the church will be closed. 


From next Sunday, there will be no need to book to attend the 10am Mass on a Sunday morning. All the ropes that have blocked access to every second bench will be removed from after Mass on Saturday 4th September. I would still ask that families try to keep to one bench and not join others already in a bench, at least for the immediate future.

Face coverings in church are still encouraged even if they are not required by law; however, some people are exempt for medical or other reasons.  Social distancing is also still requested (1 metre apart from others not in your family).

We still need to be careful!

Every Saturday
11.00am -11.50am

Baptisms & Weddings: by arrangement – no restriction on numbers attending

St Patrick's Gallery

Click on any image to see a larger picture

MonstranceHigh Altar. Tabernacle is gold made in Paris, the niche was designed to contain the monstrance.Monstrance and ChalicesChalice 1

Chalice 2TabernacleSanctuary window left. depicts top left the Visitation, next down the Nativity, top right the Marriage feast at Cana, next down the flight into Egypt, next down at home in NazarethSanctuary window right: top left the Ascension, next down Crucifixion, next down the Good Shepherd, top pic right the Coming of the Holy Ghost, next down the Resurrection, next down Christ gives the keys to St  Peter.

Sanctuary window centre:  our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Patrick.Angel carrying one of the fourteen titles of our lady, the refuge of sinnersAnother two titles of our lady, the first left being our lady's title house of gold and the other being ark of the covenantThe Piscina carved from Devonshire marble used for cleansing the sacred vessels.carvings depict angels carrying pitchers of water one at back and two to the front.

St Matthew carrying a seraph with the face of a man. Ezekiel chapter 1 verses 1-10.Statue 2Statue 3High Altar

17Choir StallThe Sedilia, these were the seats for the officiating clergyPresident's Chair

St Joseph & JesusSt Patricks AltarWalsingham PictureOur Ladys Altar

Sacred HeartPolish PictureOrgan 1Choir View 2

War MemorialSt PatricksOur LadyA Stoop used by incoming parishioners to bless themselves

Baptistry Window Baptismal Font New LecturnNew Altar