JUNE 13TH - 19TH 2021


Masses will be livestreamed at 12 noon Mondays to Saturdays and at 10.00am on Sundays, until further notice. There will also be Mass at 6.00pm on Sunday evenings in church. This will not be livestreamed.

From now on we will be using Twitter to provide online Masses. Either download the Twitter App and search for @PhilipSumner13 or click the pic below


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The church will be open on Mondays to Saturdays for
12 noon Mass and remain open for personal prayer and reflection until 1.00pm. Apart from these times
the church will be closed. 


Attending places of worship in Tier 4 (according to Govt. guidelines):
“In all Tiers, you can leave home to attend a place of worship for communal worship. Whilst engaging in an activity in the place of worship or surrounding grounds, all parties should adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times. In Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 areas, people must not mingle indoors with anyone they do not live with or have formed a support bubble with.”

Please note that people attending places of worship are required to wear face coverings.

Please see the newsletter for more updates regarding Weddings and Funerals, Baptisms and singing in church.

Temporarily suspended (by appointment if deemed necessary).
Baptisms & Weddings:
by arrangement when restrictions permit. These are still limited to 6 people, including the person/child being baptised. 

WEEK: JUNE 13TH  - 19TH 2021

11th Sunday in ordinary time

“The Kingdom of God…is like a mustard seed which…grows into the biggest shrub of them all….so that the birds of the air can shelter in its shade.”


YOUR  CHARITABLE  PRAYERS are requested for our parishioners and friends, especially those whose names appear below.
SICK : Sr. Catherine; Vivien Higgins; Breda Barret; Margaret Lawless; Lesley Hayes; Michael Guilfoyle; Dominic Boardman. Kath Green: Cyril Clarke; Elizabeth Flanagan, Elaine Egerton, Angela Marshall, John Diveney
LATELY DEAD: Dorothy Fogg, Joaquim Da Silva, John O’Brien, Maureen O’Regan, Shane Keating (13 years old), Michael Eric Hamilton, Eric McGibbon and Anne McGibbon, John Moore.
ANNIVERSARIES: Paul Carroll, Raymond Wood, Jack Mullin, Sergio and Irene Auxtero, Alan Redvers Whitehead, Terry Mills Snr. and Terry Mills Jr., Veera Howells

COLLECTION: Total: £575.04
Monthly payments directly to the bank:
Standing Order: £624 a month

CHURCH BOXES / DONATIONS: CAFOD £59.00; Food Bank £20.00;
Caritas /CAFOD India £50.00
Many thanks for your kind generosity.

Our Bank: Barclays Bank - Account Name: TSDT St Mary and St Patrick Oldham;   Sort Code 20 55 34;   Account Number 50949825;  Reference: Contr.

11th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (B) 13th June 2021

The church's one foundation
Is Jesus Christ her Lord;
she is his new creation
by water and the word:
from heaven he came and sought her
to be his holy bride;
with his own blood he bought her
and for her life he died.

'Mid toil and tribulation,
and tumult of her war,
she waits the consummation
of peace for evermore:
till with the vision glorious
her longing eyes are blessed;

 and the great church victorious
shall be the church at rest!

Yet she on earth hath union
with God the Three-in-One;
and mystic, sweet communion
with those whose rest is won:
O happy ones and holy!
Lord, give us grace that we
Like them the meek and lowly,
on high may dwell with thee.

All make the Sign of the Cross as the Priest says:
In the name of the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
The Priest greets everyone present.
The people respond: And with your spirit.
The Mass of the day may be introduced.

Penitential Act
The Priest invites the people to repentance using
one of the Penitential Acts.
You were sent to heal the contrite of heart:
Lord, have mercy. Or: Kyrie, eleison.
Lord, have mercy. Or: Kyrie, eleison.
You came to call sinners:
Christ, have mercy. Or: Christe, eleison.
Christ, have mercy. Or: Christe, eleison.
You are seated at the right hand of the Father
to intercede for us:
Lord, have mercy. Or: Kyrie, eleison.
Lord, have mercy. Or: Kyrie, eleison.
The Priest says the absolution. All reply: Amen.

Panginoon maawa Ka, Panginoon maawa Ka
Kristo maawa Ka, Kristo maawa Ka sa amin
Panginoon maawa Ka, Panginoon maawa Ka

The Gloria
Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace to people of good will.
We praise you,
we bless you,
we adore you,
we glorify you,
we give you thanks for your great glory,
Lord God, heavenly King,
O God, almighty Father.
Lord Jesus Christ, Only Begotten Son,
Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father,
you take away the sins of the world,
have mercy on us;
you take away the sins of the world,
receive our prayer;
you are seated at the right hand of the Father,
have mercy on us.
For you alone are the Holy One,
you alone are the Lord,
you alone are the Most High,
Jesus Christ,
with the Holy Spirit,
in the glory of God the Father. Amen.

The Collect
O God, strength of those who hope in you,
graciously hear our pleas, . .
and, since without you mortal frailty can do nothing,
grant us always the help of your grace,
that in following your commands
we may please you by our resolve and our deeds.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the
Holy Spirit,
God, for ever and ever.
Amen. Sit

First Reading
A reading from the prophet Ezekiel 17:22-24
The Lord says this:
'From the top of the cedar,
from the highest branch I will take a shoot
and plant it myself on a very high mountain.
I will plant it on the high mountain of Israel.
It will sprout branches and bear fruit
and become a noble cedar.
Every kind of bird will live beneath it,
every winged creature rest in the shade of its branches.
And every tree of the field will learn that I, the Lord,
am the one
who stunts tall trees and makes the low ones grow,
who withers green trees and makes the withered green.
I, the Lord, have spoken, and I will do it.'
The word of the Lord.
Thanks be to God.

Psalm Ps 91 : 2-3, v2
R) It is good to give you thanks, O Lord.
It is good to give thanks to the Lord
to make music to your name, O Most High,
to proclaim your love in the morning
and your truth in the watches of the night. (R)
The just will flourish like the palm-tree
and grow like a Lebanon cedar.(R)
Planted in the house of the Lord
they will flourish in the courts of our God,
still bearing fruit when they are old,
still full of sap, still green,
to proclaim that the Lord is just.
In him, my rock, there is no wrong. (R)

Second Reading
A reading from the second letter of St Paul
to the Corinthians 5:6-10
We are always full of confidence when we remember
that to live in the body means to be exiled from the Lord,
going as we do by faith and not by sight - we are full
of confidence, I say, and actually want to be exiled from
the body and make our home with the Lord. Whether
we are living in the body or exiled from it, we are intent
on pleasing him. For all the truth about us will be
brought out in the law court of Christ, and each of us
will get what he deserves for the things he did in the
body, good or bad.
The word of the Lord.
Thanks be to God.

Gospel Acclamation Stand
Alleluia, alleluia!
The seed is the word of God, Christ the Sower;
whoever finds the seed will remain for ever.

Gospel Acclamation:
Hanapin mo ang kaharian ng Diyos
At ang Kanyang kabanalan
At ang lahat ay mapapasaiyo
Allelu, Alleluia. (x2)

Gospel Mark 4:26-34
The Lord be with you.
And with your spirit.
A reading from the holy Gospel according to Mark.
Glory to you, O Lord.
Jesus said to the crowds: 'This is what the kingdom
of God is like. A man throws seed on the land. Night
and day, While he sleeps, when he is awake, the seed
is sprouting and growing; how, he does not know. Of
its own accord the land produces first the shoot, then
the ear, then the full grain in the ear. And when the crop
is ready, he loses no time: he starts to reap because
the harvest has come.'
He also said, 'What can we say the kingdom of God
is like? What parable can we find for it? It is like a
mustard seed which at the time of its sowing in the soil
is the smallest of all the seeds on earth; yet once it is
sown it grows into the biggest shrub of them all and
puts out big branches so that the birds of the air can
shelter in its shade.'
Using many parables like these, he spoke the word
to them, so far as they were capable of understanding
it. He would not speak to them except in parables,
but he explained everything to his disciples when they
were alone.
The Gospel of the Lord.
Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.

The Homily

The Nicene Creed
I believe in one God,
the Father almighty,
maker of heaven and earth,
of all things visible and invisible.
I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ,
the Only Begotten Son of God,
born of the Father before all ages.
God from God, Light from Light,
true God from true God,
begotten, not made,
consubstantial with the Father;
through him all things were made.
For us men and for our salvation
he came down from heaven,
and by the Holy Spirit
was incarnate of the Virgin Mary,
and became man.
For our sake he was crucified under
Pontius Pilate,
he suffered death and was buried,
and rose again on the third day
in accordance with the Scriptures.
He ascended into heaven
All bow
and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
He will come again in glory
to judge the living and the dead
and his kingdom will have no end.
I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life,
who proceeds from the Father and the Son,
who with the Father and the Son is adored
and glorified,
who has spoken through the prophets.
I believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic
I confess one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins
and I look forward to the resurrection of the dead
and the life of the world to come. Amen.

The Prayer of the Faithful
Response example: Lord, in your mercy.
Hear our prayer.
After the concluding prayer all say: Amen. Sit

The offerings are brought to the altar.

Offertory: Reyna ng langit
Reyna ng langit, magsaya, Aleluya!
Anak mong dinala sa tuwa, Aleluya!
Ay nabuhay na mangmuli, Aleluya!
Ipanalangin mo kami sa Ama, Aleluya!

Aleluya, Aleluya!
Aleluya, Aleluya!
Aleluya, Aleluya!
Aleluya, Aleluya!

If the Priest says the two prayers of offering aloud
the response both times is:
Blessed be God for ever.
The Priest completes additional personal preparatory
rites, and the people rise as he says:
Pray, brethren (brothers and sisters),
that my sacrifice and yours
may be acceptable to God,
the almighty Father.
The people reply:
May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands
for the praise and glory of his name,
for our good
and the good of all his holy Church.

Prayer over the Offerings
O God, who in the offerings presented here
provide for the twofold needs of human nature,
nourishing us with food
and renewing us with your Sacrament,
grant, we pray,
that the sustenance they provide
may not fail us in body or in spirit.
Through Christ our Lord.

The Eucharistic Prayer
The Lord be with you.
And with your spirit.
Lift up your hearts.
We lift them up to the Lord.
Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.
It is right and just.

Eucharistic Prayer IV with its own Preface
(The Priest may use a different Preface and
Eucharistic Prayer.)
It is truly right to give you thanks,
truly just to give you glory, Father most holy,
for you are the one God living and true,
existing before all ages and abiding for all eternity,
dwelling in unapproachable light;
yet you, who alone are good, the source of life,
have made all that is,
so that you might fill your creatures with blessings
and bring joy to many of them by the glory of
your light.
And so, in your presence are countless
hosts of Angels,
who serve you day and night
and, gazing upon the glory of your face,
glorify you without ceasing.
With them we, too, confess your name in
giving voice to every creature under heaven,
as we acclaim:

Sanctus Holy Holy Holy

Santo, Santo, Santo,
Panginoong Diyos na makapangyarihan
Napupuno ang langit at lupa ng kadakilaan Mo!
Osana! Osana! sa kaitaasan!
Osana! Osana! sa kaitaasan!

Pinagpala ang naparirito sa ngalan ng Panginoon
Osana! Osana! sa kaitaasan!
Osana! Osana! sa kaitaasan!

We give you praise, Father most holy,
for you are great
and you have fashioned all your works
in wisdom and in love.
You formed man in your own image
and entrusted the whole world to his care,
so that in serving you alone, the Creator,
he might have dominion over all creatures.
And when through disobedience he had lost
your friendship,
you did not abandon him to the domain of death.
For you came in mercy to the aid of all,
so that those who seek might find you.
Time and again you offered them covenants
and through the prophets
taught them to look forward to salvation.
And you so loved the world, Father most holy,
that in the fullness of time
you sent your Only Begotten Son to be our Saviour.
Made incarnate by the Holy Spirit
and born of the Virgin Mary,
he shared our human nature
in all things but sin.
To the poor he proclaimed the good news
of salvation,
to prisoners, freedom,
and to the sorrowful of heart, joy.
To accomplish your plan,
he gave himself up to death,
and, rising from the dead,
he destroyed death and restored life.
And that we might live no longer for ourselves
but for him who died and rose again for us,
he sent the Holy Spirit from you, Father,
as the first fruits for those who believe,
so that, bringing to perfection his work in the world,
he might sanctify creation to the full.
Therefore, O Lord, we pray:
may this same Holy Spirit
graciously sanctify these offerings,
that they may become
the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
for the celebration of this great mystery,
which he himself left us
as an eternal covenant.
For when the hour had come
for him to be glorified by you, Father most holy,
having loved his own who were in the world,
he loved them to the end:
and while they were at supper,
he took bread, blessed and broke it,
and gave it to his disciples, saying :
In a similar way,
taking the chalice filled with the fruit of the vine,
he gave thanks,
and gave the chalice to his disciples, saying :
The mystery of faith.
The people continue, acclaiming:
We proclaim your Death, O Lord,
and profess your Resurrection
until you come again.
Therefore, O Lord,
as we now celebrate the memorial of our redemption,
we remember Christ's Death
and his descent to the realm of the dead,
we proclaim his Resurrection
and his Ascension to your right hand,
and, as we await his coming in glory,
we offer you his Body and Blood,
the sacrifice acceptable to you
which brings salvation to the whole world.
Look, O Lord, upon the Sacrifice
which you yourself have provided for your Church,
and grant in your loving kindness
to all who partake of this one Bread and one Chalice
that, gathered into one body by the Holy Spirit,
they may truly become a living sacrifice in Christ
to the praise of your glory.
Therefore, Lord, remember now
all for whom we offer this sacrifice:
especially your servant N. our Pope,
N. our Bishop, and the whole Order of Bishops,
all the clergy,
those who take part in this offering,
those gathered here before you,
your entire people,
and all who seek you with a sincere heart.
Remember also
those who have died in the peace of your Christ
and all the dead,
whose faith you alone have known.
To all of us, your children,
grant, O merciful Father,
that we may enter into a heavenly inheritance
with the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God,
with blessed Joseph, her Spouse,
and with your Apostles and Saints in your kingdom.
There, with the whole of creation,
freed from the corruption of sin and death,
may we glorify you through Christ our Lord,
through whom you bestow on the world
all that is good.
Through him, and with him, and in him,
O God, almighty Father,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
all glory and honour is yours, for ever and ever.
The people acclaim: Amen.

The Communion Rite Stand
The Priest invites all to join in the Lord's Prayer:
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
The Priest continues alone:
Deliver us, Lord, we pray, from every evil,
graciously grant peace in our days,
that, by the help of your mercy,
we may be always free from sin
and safe from all distress,
as we await the blessed hope
and the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
For the kingdom,
the power and the glory are yours
now and for ever.
The Priest says:
Lord Jesus Christ,
who said to your Apostles:
Peace I leave you, my peace I give you,
look not on our sins,
but on the faith of your Church,
and graciously grant her peace and unity
in accordance with your will.
Who live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.
The peace of the Lord be with you always.
And with your spirit.
The Deacon, or the Priest, adds:
Let us offer each other the sign of peace.
The Priest takes the host and breaks it.
Meanwhile the people say or sing:

Lamb of God
Kordero ng Diyos na nag-aalis                        
Ng mga kasalanan ng sanlibutan                    
Maawa Ka, maawa Ka sa amin    |(2X)

Kordero ng Diyos na nag-aalis
Ng mga kasalanan ng sanlibutan,
Ipagkaloob Mo sa amin ang kapayapaan

The Priest shows the host to the people and says:
Behold the Lamb of God,
behold him who takes away the sins of the world.
Blessed are those called to the supper
of the Lamb.
Lord, I am not worthy
that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the word
and my soul shall be healed.
The Priest or other minister says to each
The Body [Blood] of Christ.
Each communicant answers: Amen.

Communion 1:
One bread, one body, one Lord of all
One cup of blessing which we bless
And we, though many, throughout the earth
We are one body in this one Lord

Gentile or Jew
Servant or free
Woman or man
No more

Many the gifts, many the works
One in the Lord
Of all

Communion 2:
Dakilang katapatan

Prayer after Communion Stand
As this reception of your Holy Communion, O Lord,
foreshadows the union of the faithful in you,
so may it bring about unity in your Church.
Through Christ our Lord.

Announcements may be made. Then:
Priest: The Lord be with you.
All: And with your spirit.
May almighty God bless you,
the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Then the Deacon, or the Priest, says:
Go forth, the Mass is ended.
Or: Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord.
Or: Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life.
Or: Go in peace.
Thanks be to God.
God’s spirit is in my heart
He has called me and set me apart
This is what I have to do
What I have to do

He sent me to give the good news to the poor
Tell prisoners that they are prisoners no more
Tell blind people that they can see
And set the downtrodden free
And go tell everyone, the news that the kingdom of God has come
And go tell everyone, the news that God’s kingdom has come

Just as the Father sent me
So I’m sending you out to be
My witnesses throughout the world
The whole of the world

Don’t carry a load in your pack
You don’t need two shirts on your back
A workman can earn his own keep
Can earn his own keep

Don’t worry what you have to say
Don’t worry because on that day
God’s spirit will speak in your heart
Will speak in your heart.

All Masses will continue to be live streamed. A link is provided on the Parish website: or via the Twitter App (@PhilipSumner13).
The Obligation to attend Mass on Sunday is suspended until further notice. 
If you want to attend Church on Sunday mornings, numbers are limited. Therefore, it is essential that you book a place.  To do this, phone, text or e-mail Fr. Phil, who will make the arrangements.  This is done on a first come, first served basis.
Face coverings in church are still mandatory; however, some people are exempt for medical or other reasons.  Social distancing must always be observed.

This week is Refugee week (14th – 20th June).
“I have wished to devote the Message for this year’s World Day of Migrants and Refugees to the theme, Towards An Ever Wider “We”, in order to indicate a clear horizon for our common journey in this world.
Indeed, the Church’s catholicity, her universality, must be embraced and expressed in every age, according to the will and grace of the Lord who promised to be with us always, until the end of the age (cf. Mt 28:20). The Holy Spirit enables us to embrace everyone, to build communion in diversity, to unify differences without imposing a depersonalized uniformity. In encountering the diversity of foreigners, migrants and refugees, and in the intercultural dialogue that can emerge from this encounter, we have an opportunity to grow as Church and to enrich one another.
This is the ideal of the new Jerusalem (cf. Is 60; Rev 21:3), where all peoples are united in peace and harmony, celebrating the goodness of God and the wonders of creation. To achieve this ideal, however, we must make every effort to break down the walls that separate us and, in acknowledging our profound interconnection, build bridges that foster a culture of encounter. Today’s migration movements offer an opportunity for us to overcome our fears and let ourselves be enriched by the diversity of each person’s gifts. Then, if we so desire, we can transform borders into privileged places of encounter, where the miracle of an ever wider “we” can come about.”

THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT, CAFOD has been helping communities around the world cope with the pandemic. Just in Zambia, in the past year, our reports show we’ve been able to reach 1,234,200 people with messages on COVID-19, provide 13,312 people with access to safe water, train 392 frontline health workers from Zambia’s 11 dioceses on how to prepare and respond to COVID-19 in their local communities and donate over 1000 handwashing hygiene stations in communities to support handwashing measures. Thank you for standing alongside people in Zambia, for supporting people in more than 30 other countries worldwide and for continuing to keep them all in your prayers.

As we return to Ordinary Time after Pentecost, the Department for Formation is pleased to offer four online evenings on the Gospel according to Mark.
Wednesday 9 June 2021 – The Disciples in Mark (with Fr Michael Deas)
Wednesday 16 June 2021 – The Little People in Mark (with Fr Michael Winstanley SDB)
Each presentation will be from 7.00 to 8.30 pm and will include time for discussion and questions. They are offered free of charge.
To reserve a place on one or all the evenings and to receive the Zoom link in advance, please email

Monday- 14th June –Dedication of the Cathedral.
Wednesday 16th June – St. Richard of Chichester. He was born in Droitwich in 1197 and died in Dover in 1253. He was ordained a priest at 45 years old and was appointed bishop of Chichester just two years later. However, because of the King’s opposition to this appointment, he was unable to take over his diocese until 1247. He is remembered for his generosity to the poor, for the mercy he showed to sinners, and for the reform of the liturgical life of the Diocese.
Saturday 19th June – St Romuald, Abbot. Romuald’s father killed a man leaving Romuald feeling that he had to do penance for his father’s crime. He became a hermit and founded monasteries and restored a solitary religious life. He died aged 75 in 1027.


In our Psalm we hear ‘by his word the heavens were made, by the breath of his mouth all the stars. He spoke; and it came to be. He commanded; it sprang into being.’
Our God is a Creator God. God has created all that is by his Word and by his Breath (the same word as Spirit). The Lord is God on earth as in heaven, as Moses proclaims in the First Reading.
How can we care for God’s creation which he has entrusted to us?

FIRST COMMUNIONS (finishing last year’s programme).
The final session of the first communion programme, which was meant to conclude last May, will now take place, for the Holy Rosary Group on 26th June at St. Patrick’s Church at 10am (I made an error last week and got the dates the wrong way round!). The final session for the St. Patrick’s group will now take place in St. Patrick’s Church on Saturday 3rd July at 10am. We would hope to celebrate the First communions at 3pm on 27th June, for the Holy Rosary group and at 3pm on 4th July for the St. Patrick’s group. Numbers are restricted to 8 people per family, including the child receiving his/her first communion.

To families of all Year 8 Students across the Oldham and Tameside Deanery who have registered for this year’s preparation programme leading to the Sacrament of Confirmation. If you have, or haven’t yet, or are unsure if you have, registered for the programme, and you wish to be confirmed, please contact your local parish priest immediately. Names should have been in last week!
The team has remained realistic in terms of planning the programme; determined to avoid ‘tuition overkill’ we have come up with one introductory ‘Zoom’ session for parents, followed by six proper gatherings for students at either:             

Mon. 21st June Parent Zoom Session   (6 – 8pm)
Mon. 28th June Student Session 1   (6 – 8pm)
Mon. 5th July Student Session 2   (6 – 8pm)
Mon. 12th July Student Session 3   (6 – 8pm)
Mon. 19th July Student Session 4   (6 – 8pm)
Mon 13th Sept.   Student Session 5   (6 – 8pm)
Mon. 20th Sept.  Student Session 6   (6 – 8pm)

Don’t forget, you need to book on this programme through Fr. Phil

“Stay With  Us  Lord  On  Our  Journey”

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