“.....the  man  who  infringes  even  one  of  the  least  of  these  commandments  and  teaches  others  to  do  the  same  will  be  considered  the  least  in  the  kingdom  of  heaven;  but  the  man  who  keeps  them  and  teaches  them  will  be  considered  great  in  the  kingdom  of  heaven.


YOUR  CHARITABLE  PRAYERS are requested for our parishioners and friends, especially those whose names appear below.
SICK:  Sr. Catherine;   Vivien  Higgins;  Elizabeth  Flanagan;     Dominic  Boardman;    Sarah  Bell;    Breda  Barret;    Roy  Eaton;    Harry  & Margaret  Lawless;   Lesley  Hayes;     Ann  Frost;    Anne  Devlin;   Mark  Wilson;   Emma  Golden;     Paul  Carroll;    Ian  Curley;   Michael  Guilfoyle;   Lilian  Watt;   baby  Noah  Kenneally.
LATELY  DEAD:  Sally  Quarmby;   Marie  Jubb;   Damien  Sheeran;   Kath  Tierney;
Terry  Kenneally;    Winnie  Myron;   Tim  Steffiuk;   Malcolm.      
ANNIVERSARIES:  Alice  Dutson;     Henryk  Sobieralski;   Una  Lester.
May They Rest in Peace.

COLLECTION:   Envelopes:   £623 60;     Loose:   £260.13;    Total:   £883.73
Retiring Collection for Catholic Association for Racial Justice:  £106 23
Thank you all for your continued generosity.

DONATIONS  / COLLECTIONS:  many thanks for the following donations:
CAFOD:  £10.00;  £7.00  £5.00;  £1.00;   Oldham Food Bank: £10.00;   Cornerstone:  £20.00;     Missio  £50.00. MISSIO:  Anyone wishing to assist the work of APF World Missions, by using the Red Missionary Boxes, please feel free to take one of the red boxes from the table at the back of church.  Just leave your name at the piety shop or sacristy.

Minutes of St Patrick’s Finance Meeting,11th February 2020
Presentation of Financial Report:  Cyril Clarke, the parish accountant, gave an overall view of the Annual Financial Statement, presented to the diocese for the year ending 31st December 2019.  The following points were raised: 1) Cash in bank at the start of the year: £69,792.33.
Cash in bank at the end of the year:   £53,815.99. Difference: -£15,976.34.
The negative balance was attributed mainly to unexpectedly heavy maintenance costs over the year, particularly with regard to the car park barrier and the reconstruction of the shed in the church garden. The analysis  of income and expenditure was accepted as a true record.
2)  In the Analysis of Income /expenditure, Cyril pointed out:  a) The Tax Refunds on Gift Aided income had produced an income of £8,564.22 from the government.  This indicates the importance of using the Offertory Envelope Gift Aid Scheme by taxpaying members of the congregation. b) The income from Fr. Phil’s ministry activities brought in £8,039.93. The amount paid by the parish to Fr. Phil amounted to £5,047.71. c) The amount paid to the diocese as our Diocesan Levy was £16,665.26.  This fee is now calculated at a percentage, set by the diocese, of the  money received as collection on Sunday. 
The foreseeable planned spending for 2020 includes:
i) The new stained glass window, planned as part of our Jubilee Celebrations.  ii)   Investigation and correction of a leak problem in the church roof. iii)    Investigation and correction of a leak problem in the double glazed windows in the presbytery (particularly in Fr. Phil’s sitting room). iv)  Reconstruction of the en suite facility in Fr. Phil’s bedroom. These projects were agreed

NOTE: Faith of our Fathers 2 booklets are still available from the piety shop: Suggested donation: £5.00.


Please see the church notice board for further details of the following:
Parish Team meeting on Thursday 27th February at 7.30pm.
Lenten Station Mass on Tuesday 3rd March at 7.30pm at Ss. Aidan and Oswald, Royton/
CAFOD Family Fast Day on Friday 6th March.
Lenten Station Mass on Tuesday10th March at 7.30pm at St. Michael’s, Abbeyhills.
Sacramental Programme: 4th meeting – children’s and parents’ lesson at 3.00pm in Holy Rosary school on Thursday 12th March.
Sacramental Programme: 4th meeting -  children’s and parents’ lesson at 10.00am in the Parish House on Saturday 14th March.
Sacramental Programme : Mass at 10.00am in church on Sunday15th March with the topic of “We Celebrate God’s Gifts”.
Lenten Station Mass on Tuesday 17th March at 7.30pm at St. Mary, Failsworth.
Lenten Station Mass on Tues. 24th March at 7.30pm  St.Christopher’s, Lees New Road, Ashton.
Lenten Station Mass on Tuesday 31st March at 7.30pm at St Joseph’s, Mossley.      

The Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order; born in Florence, these seven men lived the life of hermits, before founding the 0rder in 1304. On this date St. Alexis Falconieri died.
St. Peter Damian; born in 1007 Peter became a hermit before taking part in a reform of the Church then became Bishop of Ostia and was immediately venerated as a saint.
The Chair of St. Peter; this feast of the See of Rome has been kept from the 4th century and celebrates the unity of the Church gathered around Peter, the Prince of the Apostles.


“Stay With  Us  Lord  On  Our  Journey”

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