gemThis “gem church” will be open each day for private prayer and meditation from 9.30am. until 3.30pm.

10.00am;  12.30pm (Polish  Mass) and  6.00pm.

12  noon   Eucharistic  Service

12 noon Mass
(Ss. Margaret Clitherow, Anne Line & Margaret Ward)
Funeral Service at 1.00pm for Helena Shires RIP

12  noon   Eucharistic  Service
Funeral Service at 10.00am for Karen Dronsfield RIP

12 noon Funeral Mass for Carmela Viglione RIP
(St. Edmund Arrowsmith, priest & martyr)

12 noon Eucharistic  Service – Fr. Phil in Middlesbrough

12 noon Mass
(St. Gregory the Great, Pope)

Saturday:  11.00  -  11.50am  and  12.30 – 12.45pm 

By  appointment

6 months notice must be given (Diocesan requirement)



11.30am Mass 

10.00am Mass
(The Passion of St. John the Baptist) 

12 noon Mass
(St. Aidan & Ss. Of Lindisfarne)

First Saturday of the month:  10.00 – 10.30am.

BAPTISMS and MARRIAGES:   as  for  St.  Patrick’s



“When  someone  invites  you  to  a  wedding  feast,  do  not  take  your  seat  in  the  place  of  honour .......For  everyone  who  exalts  himself  will  be  humbled,  and  the  man  who  humbles  himself  will  be  exalted.”


YOUR  CHARITABLE  PRAYERS are requested for our parishioners and friends, especially those whose names appear below.
SICK or HOUSEBOUND:  Joanna;  Shirley;  Cecilia;  Jude Michael Harrison;  Sheila  McNicholas;   Orrell Plummer;   Sheila Brierly;  Clifford Wray;  Dominic Boardman;  Alice Abraham;   Michael Francis Douglas;   John  Ownsworth;  Gina  Templo;    John  Walker;   John & Dorothy  Fogg;   Alan  Hough;    Samantha  Deakin;    Maureen  Ross;      Roz  Charach;   Izabella  Urszan;   John  Campbell. 
LATELY  DEAD:   David  Price;   Norma  Christie;   Maria  Saj;   Margaret  Barrow;   Karen  Dronsfield;   Helena  Shires;   Carmela  Viglione;   the victims of the earthquake in central Italy. 
ANNIVERSARIES:   Edward  Wild. May They Rest in Peace.

IN  THANKSGIVING  FOR:  prayers answered and successful surgery.    Also a Mass will be offered for the intentions of Elaiza Josol.

SUNDAY COLLECTION:  Envelopes: £727.23;    Loose: £296.93; Total: £1,024.16
Thank you all for your continued generosity.

DONATIONS/COLLECTIONS:  many thanks for the following donations:
Redecoration Fund:  Loose:   £175.30;  £20.00;  £7.50;  £2.00;  £1.48.    
Gift-Aided:  £0.00   
Also: £24.30;  £20.00;  £10.00;  £4.00  for CAFOD;   £7.71 for Missio. Special thanks for a donation of £175.30 in memory of John Richardson RIP.
The Redecoration Fund now stands at a very commendable total of £40,841.80.  Many thanks also to so many generous people including those who regularly hand in their little white boxes.

Salford Diocesan Celebration of the Eucharist for Racial Justice on Sunday 11th September at 2.00pm in Salford Cathedral, 250 Chapel St., Salford M3 5LL – this year’s theme is “Welcoming the Stranger”. With choirs from across the world including the continent of Africa, the Philippines, Pakistan China and Poland. You are invited to bring cold food to share with others. All are welcome!

“Mercy does not just mean being a “good person” nor is it mere sentimentality. It is the measure of our authenticity as disciples of Jesus.”
“New forms of slavery such as human and organ trafficking, forced labour, and prostitution are true crimes against humanity.”

If you hope to succeed in whatever you do, place your trust totally in God’s providence. Cooperate with him, then rest secure that whatever happens, will be best for you. Think of a little child walking with her father. One hand clings tightly to his, but with the other she gathers fruit from trees along the way. Imitate the child. With one hand go ahead and gather what you need of the world’s good things, but with the other hold onto your heavenly Father, checking regularly whether or not he approves of what you are doing with your life. Above all, beware of letting go of your Father to free up both your hands to gather more of the world’s goods. You will find that by yourself you will stumble and fall. And when your gathering does not require all your attention, turn your mind to God as often as you can. Like a sailor returning to port, look to the sky and not just to the waves that carry you.  (“Set Your Heart Free” by St. Francis de Sales)

Today 10.00am P. Hilton & C. Riley
  11.30am C. O’Donnell
  6.00pm C. Dodd
Next Sunday 10.00am Gayle & Grace
  11.30am T. Nakawooya

M. Ruffle

This week:  Week   3  -  Joyce  &  David  Daka  and  friends  (African)
Next week:  Week   4  -  Team  4

MONDAY: Masses will be said at 11.00am in the RC cemeteries of St. Mary’s (Wardley) and St. Joseph’s (Moston) – if wet, the latter will be held in St. Dunstan’s RC church on Moston Lane.
SATURDAY:  Celebrating 45 years of “The Rosary in the Park” – Rosary and hymns – in Platt Fields, Manchester, (use the Grangethorpe Road entrance) at 3.00pm. Free refreshments and ice cream.
NEXT SUNDAY: a baptism and christening in St. Patrick’s church during the 10.00am Mass.


  • Your used stamps from the box at the back of church have been taken to Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice – the staff were very pleased and thanked all parishioners.
  • Copies of “The Cardinal”, the newsletter of Newman College, is available at the back of church – please take a free copy.  
  • The Charismatic Prayer Group meets every Friday for Praise and Worship in St Patricks Church from 7.00PM to 9.00pm. Everybody is most welcome. Contact: 07970188673.

Stay  with  us  Lord  on  our  Journey.

Please see the church notice board for further details of the following:

  • St. Patrick’s Parish Team meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th September.
  • Parish Annual General meeting on Sunday 2nd October at 2.30pm in St. Patrick’s.
  • World Mission Sunday on 18th October.
  • Mass for the Recently Bereaved on Saturday 5th November at 12 noon in St. Patrick’s church.
  • Mass for the Recently Bereaved on Sunday 6th November at 11.30am in St. Mary’s church.

Saints Margaret Clitherow, Anne Line & Margaret Ward: these three women were martyred for hiding / trying to assist a priest to escape at the turn of the 16th century. Margaret Ward was born in Cheshire; Anne Line in Essex; Margaret Clitherow married a butcher and they lived in the Shambles in York. They were canonised in 1970 by Pope Paul VI among the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.
St. Aidan & All Saints of Lindisfarne: born in Ireland, Aidan died at Bamburgh (Northumberland) in 651. A monk of Iona, he was sent to Northumbria when King Oswald asked for help in converting his kingdom, and established his monastery on Lindisfarne. With him are remembered all holy abbots and bishops, teachers and missionaries, who made Lindisfarne a cradle of English Christianity.
St. Edmund Arrowsmith was born in1585 at Haydock (Liverpool). He was ordained at Douai and began his work in the Lancashire Mission, including Salmesbury and Walton-le –Dale. He was zealous in his work, despite one arrest. He joined the Jesuits and was eventually arrested in 1628. He was imprisoned and martyred at Lancaster by being hung, drawn and quartered. He was canonized as one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales by Pope Paul VI in 1970.
St. Gregory the Great: born in Rome in 540, he was a civil servant and eventually Prefect of the city. He entered the Abbey of St. Andrew, and was ordained deacon. On the death of Pelagius II in 590 he was elected Pope, showing pastoral care in preaching, writing, caring for the poor and working for the civil welfare of the City of Rome which was then deserted and threatened. He is called the “Apostle of England” because it was he who sent Augustine, the prior of St. Andrew’s, to minister there, after encountering English slaves in the Forum.

“SMILE  -  A  -  WHILE”
A Rabbi went to the local barber shop. After his hair cut, he got ready to pay the barber and the barber said, "No Rabbi, I don't charge the clergy for haircuts." So the next morning the barber found a loaf of Jewish rye bread outside of his door step. A couple of days past and a Catholic priest came in to get his hair cut. He got ready to pay and the barber said, "No Father, I don't charge the clergy for hair cuts." So the next morning he found a bottle of wine outside his front door step. Several days later a Baptist minister came in to get his hair cut and when he got ready to pay the barber said, "No Reverend, I don't charge the clergy for their hair cuts." So the next morning, the barber found 15 Baptist preachers on his doorstep, ready for a hair cut!

Little boys prayer
"Dear God, please take care of my daddy and my mummy and my sister and my brother and my doggy and my cat and me. Oh, please take care of yourself, God. If anything happens to you, we're gonna be in a big mess."

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