MAY 22nd - MAY 28th 2016


gemThis “gem church” will be open each day for private prayer and meditation from 9.30am. until 3.30pm.

10.00am;  12.30pm (Polish  Mass) and  6.00pm.

12  noon   Eucharistic  Service


12  noon   Eucharistic  Service
Reception into church of the body of Nellie Birtles at 5.30pm.
(St. Philip Neri)

12 noon Funeral Mass for Nellie Birtles RIP

12 noon Mass
(St. Augustine of Canterbury, bishop)

12 noon Mass

Saturday:  11.00  -  11.50am  and  12.30 – 12.45pm 

By  appointment

6 months notice must be given (Diocesan requirement)



11.30am Mass 

10.00am Mass

12 noon Mass
(St. Bede the Venerable, priest)

First Saturday of the month:  10.00 – 10.30am.

BAPTISMS and MARRIAGES:   as  for  St.  Patrick’s

WEEK:   MAY  22ND    -   MAY  28TH      2016


Glory  be  to  the  Father,  and  to  the  Son,  and  to  the  Holy  Spirit,  the  God  who  is,  who  was,  and  who  is  to  come.


YOUR  CHARITABLE  PRAYERS are requested for our parishioners and friends, especially those whose names appear below.
SICK or HOUSEBOUND:  Joanna;  Shirley;  Cecilia;  Jude Michael Harrison;  Sheila  McNicholas;   Mick McGinn;   Orrell Plummer;   Sheila Brierly;  Clifford Wray;  Dominic Boardman;  Alice Abraham;   Michael Francis Douglas;   John  Ownsworth;  Gina  Templo;    Lucy  Thornhill;    John  Walker     John & Dorothy  Fogg;   Alan  Hough;   Tom  Mullany;   Samantha  Deakin;    Bridie  Murphy;    Anthony  Dan  Woodhouse;   Josie  Ram;   Ped  Lim;   Arturo  Dolendo;  Valentino “Bong” Magante;   John  Campbell;   Alex  Rose  Rigby;   Nahid  Tayyebi.                      
LATELY  DEAD:   Nellie  Birtles;    John  Abbott;    Danny  McGarrigle;   Carl  Brown;   Doreen  Heneghan.           
ANNIVERSARIES:   Francis  Gerard  Ryan;    James  Sexton;   Catherine  McCarthy;   Dalyop  Sambo  Daju;   Alfred  N’Gouary. May  They  Rest  in  Peace.

SUNDAY COLLECTION:  Envelopes:  £458.32;    Loose:  £348.24;    Total:  £806.56
Thank you all for your continued generosity.
DONATIONS/COLLECTIONS:  many thanks for the following donations:
Redecoration Fund:  Loose:   £16.29  and  £6.17.        
Gift-Aided:  £100.00,  £36.88  and  £1.36.
Also: £31.24,  £10.00  and  £4.00 for CAFOD; £25.00 and  £5.00 for the EEF (Priests’ Training Fund)  Also, thanks to the Polish community for £100.00 for flowers for the altar.

R.I.P: the death has occurred in Abergele of the Rev. Deacon John Abbott (aged 89), until his retirement the headmaster of St. Anselm’s school on Grange Avenue, where many of our parishioners received their secondary education and where some were on the teaching staff. He was ordained to the Deaconate after his move to North Wales.

St. Bede the Venerable was born in 673 and was educated by the Benedictines. He eventually joined the monastery there, and began a life of erudition, producing many writings. He particularly worked on the interpretation of the Scriptures and the history of the Church in Britain. He died in 735.
St. Philip Neri: a priest renowned for his prayerfulness and sense of fun and humour, he was born in Florence in 1515. He arrived in Rome and after a mystical experience in the catacombs, gathered a community of friends to look after the sick, which eventually became the Oratory. He died in 1595.
St. Augustine of Canterbury: in 597 Pope Gregory the Great sent Augustine, then a monk of the monastery of St. Peter on the Celian Hill in Rome, to evangelise the people of Britain. Despite turning back once, he succeeded in converting King Ethelbert and founding the See of Canterbury. He died in 605.

“SMILE  -  A  -  WHILE”
When I was a kid my dad used to tell me to keep my pocket money in a special money box under the stairs ....... I was 15 before I found out it was our gas meter!

A little girl, dressed in her Sunday best, was running as fast as she could, trying not to be late for Mass. As she ran she prayed, “Dear Lord, please don’t let me be late!” As she was running and praying, she tripped on a kerb and fell, getting her clothes dirty and tearing her dress. She got up, brushed herself off, and started running again. As she ran she once again prayed, “Dear Lord, please don’t let me be late.......but don’t push me either!”

Today 10.00am P. Hilton & C. Riley
  11.30am M. Smith
  6.00pm A. McGlade
Next Sunday 10.00am L. Nicholls & J. Williams
  11.30am M. Howell
  6.00pm C. Dodd

This week:  Week   3   -  Joyce & David Daka and friends (African)     
Next week:  Week  4   -  Team  4

TODAY: the children on the Sacramental Programme will make their First Holy Communion during the morning Masses in St. Patrick’s and St. Mary’s churches.
WEDNESDAY: Deanery meeting about “The Way Forward” in St. Aidan &Oswald’s church, Royton at 7.00pm. then at 7.30pm an Interfaith discussion event at Magnolia Gardens, Primrose Bank.
FRIDAY: Quarantore at the Oratory church of St. Chad, Cheetham Hill Rd, Manchester M8 8GG starting today with Mass at 5.30pm, until Mass at 11.30am on Sunday. Also at the Hidden Gem Wednesday at 12-30 ‘til  Saturday (5.15pm Mass).
SATURDAY:  Exposition in St. Patrick’s church 10.30  -  11.45am.
NEXT  SUNDAY: the baptism of Prince Dieu Donne Saruzi and the baptism, confirmation and First Communion of Nilton Gabriel Francisco take place during the 10.00am Mass in St. Patrick’s church.

FIRST  HOLY  COMMUNICANTS (please pray for them)
Harvey  Armstrong; Elaine  Noe’lia  Batista  Coelho; Jeryl  Django; J.  R.  Haboc; Daniel  Harrison; Rihanna  Murray; Emily  O’Donnell; Aline  Grace  de  Almeida  Santos; Lisa  Noikunana  Saruzi; Caeleb  Searson; Ryan  Seca; Shania  Louise  Ward; Manuka  Weerakoonge; Dorian  Wiacek.

Please see the church notice board for further details of the following:

  • 3s – 11s Children’s Liturgy Group in St. Patrick’s church during the 10.00am Mass on Sunday 5th June.
  • Celebration for Fr. Phil in the Parish Centre on Saturday 11th June.
  • Fr. Phil’s 40th Anniversary of Ordination on Sunday 12th June
  • Day for Life on Sunday 19th June.
  • Mass for Sick and Housebound in St. Patrick’s on Saturday 16th July at 12 noon..


  • Welcome back to Sr. Imelda O’Loughlin who taught in St. Patrick’s infant school 1973-82 then in Holy Family, Limeside ‘til 1987 finally leaving for Kenya in 1988. The Institute of the Sisters of Mercy have left a legacy of two primary schools namely St. Theresa’s in the Archdiocese of Kisumu and St. Clare’s in Kericho diocese. These two schools cater for over 400 children from the locality – many of the children in St. Theresa’s are Aids orphans. Thanks to the generosity of so many people including donations from St. Patrick’s school and individuals from the parish, Sr. Imelda was able to contribute so much in the field of education and able to reach out in love and compassion to so many. The schools have been handed over to an African Congregation, The Franciscan Sisters of St. Anna, who hope Sr. Imelda will continue helping them. She has many orphans whom she is helping to continue paying school fees so please help her out if you have a little to spare.
  • Fostering Fortnight – 16 to 29 May 2016 - There is a desperate need for new foster carers nationally – there is a need to recruit 7,600 fostering families in England alone.  In particular, foster families are needed to provide homes for teenagers, disabled children, unaccompanied asylum seeking children and sibling groups.  If you have room in your heart, and in your home, then 2016 could be the year that you start to make a positive difference to a child – a positive difference that can last a lifetime.  Caritas Fostering would like to hear from anyone who has an interest in finding out more and please pass on this message to friends and family.  Call us on 0161 817 2250, or email or come and meet us at our open afternoons which take place every Friday 1.30 - 3.30pm at Cathedral Centre, 3 Ford Street, Salford, M3 6DP.
  • COLLECTION for Fr PHIL’s JUBILEE:  There are white envelopes available at the back of church for parishioners to make contributions to the collection.  Please be aware that Fr. Phil has decided that he will donate all money collected to the Parish Redecoration fund. GIFT AID:  Anyone wishing to Gift Aid their donation, which increases the value of the money donated by 25%, please put the white envelope containing the donation inside one of the brown gift aid envelopes at the back of the church and complete the declaration on the front of it.

Fr. PHIL’s JUBILEE: 6.30pm. on Saturday 11th June 2016.
Concelebrated Mass in St. Patrick’s Church at 6.30pm
followed by Reception and Social Evening in the Parish Centre.
Everyone welcome  -  No tickets required.
Please bring your own alcoholic drinks  -   the bar will be open for soft drinks at cost price.
An international selection of refreshments together with tea and coffee will be provided.

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