During the Corona Virus Crisis
the church will be closed, in line with government guidelines.
MASSES will be live-streamed until further notice:

Monday to Wednesday this week at 9.30am.
Thursday: Mass of the Last Supper – livestreamed at 8pm
Good Friday service – livestreamed at 3pm.

No Mass will be livestreamed on Saturday; the Vigil service and Mass, in my opinion, would lose it’s dramatic effect without the fire, the different readers, the candlelight and the congregation.

EASTER SUNDAY: Mass will be livestreamed at 10am

WEEK: APRIL  5TH  - APRIL  11TH  2020


Blessed  is  the  King  who  comes  in  the  name  of  the  Lord!  Peace  in  heaven  and  glory  in  the  highest!


YOUR  CHARITABLE  PRAYERS are requested for our parishioners andfriends, especially those whose names appear below.
SICK: Sr. Catherine;Vivien  Higgins;  Elizabeth  Flanagan; Dominic  Boardman;Sarah  Bell;  Breda  Barret;Roy Eaton;Margaret  Lawless;   Lesley  Hayes;  Ann  Frost;   Anne  Devlin;   Emma  Golden;   Michael  Guilfoyle;   Mara  Bahra;   Joan  Coop;Lina  Feniuk;   Kevin  McDonough; Martha McGlade.
LATELY DEAD: Margaret Mary Turner, Sheila Heald, Peter Boothby, Arthur Hamer, Theresa Morris, Geoff Smith, Joan Taylor, Harry Hearne and Terence Oldfield.
ANNIVERSARIES: Eric  Emsis, William Sumner

COLLECTION: Envelopes:£;25.00   Loose:£;00  Total:£25.00
Thank you all for your continued generosity.

DONATIONS  /COLLECTIONS: many thanks for the following donations:
CAFOD:  £5.00;  Old
ham Food Bank:£10.00; Restoration: £7.95.


Profoundly moved and troubled, He weeps (Jn 11:35). We ask the Lord for the grace of weeping today before all the people who are suffering the consequences of this pandemic. May today be for everyone like a Sunday of tears
Pray  togetherfor the many people who are not succeeding in coping and remain in fear because of this pandemic. May the Lord help them to have the strength to cope for the good the entire community.
We are one human family. Let us bring all hostilities to a halt. May our joint fight against the COVID-19 pandemic bring everyone to recognize the great need to reinforce brotherly and sisterly bonds.

TODAY is Palm / Passion Sunday and Mass will be live-streamed from St. Patrick’s at 10.00am
TUESDAY: Parish Team meeting is postponed
SATURDAY: NO CONFESSIONS - No live-streaming of a Mass
BAPTISMS: Deferred till after the crisis except in emergency
MARRIAGE: 6 months notice must be given (Diocesan requirement)


Please see the church notice board for further details of the following:
Sacramental Programme: postponed  till  further  notice.

St. Francis of Paola:born in Italy in 1416, he founded  congregation of hermits and was approved by the Holy See. He died in France in 1507.
St. Isidore was born in Spain 560 and brought up strictly by his brother, the Bishop of Seville. He succeeded his brother as bishop and established the discipline of the Spanish Church calling the Councils of Seville and Toledo. He was a great teacher and wrote prolifically. He died peacefully and was declared Doctor of the Church.

Because of the Corona Virus Pandemic, it is hardly surprising that the Re-dedication of England as the Dowry of Mary by the English Bishops last weekend was overlooked. Whatever the term actually means is unclear, but it is unlikely that the Blessed Mother cares more about the English than the Welsh, Scots or Irish.
English Catholics have always shown a great love and devotion to our Lady as her shrine at Walsingham  testifies, and therefore we can confidently call upon her for prayer and support in this time of trial .....................
“O Mary, you always shine on our path as a sign of salvation and hope.  We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick, who at the cross took part in Jesus' pain, keeping your faith firm.  You know what we need and we are sure you will provide so that, as in Cana of Galilee, we may return to joy and to feasting after this time of trial.  Help us Mother of Divine Love to conform to the will of the Father and to do as we are told by Jesus, who has taken upon himself our sufferings and carried our sorrows to lead us through the Cross to the joy of the Resurrection.  Amen.”

STANDING ORDERS: Several parishioners have asked if they can pay their collection money by Standing Order during this time of lock-down.  The simple answer is “yes”. Anyone wishing to use this method please e-mail Fr. Phil (Philip_sumner@tiscali.co.uk)  or Colin (colinriley.rjl@gmail.com) making the request and including full name, home address and telephone number. The necessary form will then be sent to you.  Parishioners using this method may still request a box of envelopes - NOT for their offertory money, but for any occasional donations (for flowers etc) which they may want to make.  If the donor is a taxpayer, these extra donations can then be gift-aided. 

I pray that God keeps us all safe. While it’s strange to say Mass in an empty church each day, I have a real sense that there are many who worship with me through the internet and show their appreciation. Those who don’t have the internet are also held in our prayer.

“Stay With  Us  Lord  On  Our  Journey”

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